Guest from Epsom, NH
Stayed at Moose River Escape during February of 2004

Favorite moments: Playing around on the Lake with the whole family.
How we traveled: Trucks and trailers
People we met: Tammy the caretaker is a very nice person.
Places we would recommend: Rockwood Inn-great atmosphere & food.
Purpose of our trip: Relaxation & snowmobiling.
The weather was: Beautiful! Plenty of sunshine temp in 30s F. Perfect!
What we did: Snowmobiled to Pittson Farm on first day. Ice fishing and playing on Moosehead Lake on second day. A short ride to Kokadjo and back on third day. Met up with friends and snowmobiled a lot!

Guest from Natick, MA
Stayed at Moose River Escape during February of 2004

How we traveled: Jeep and Caravan
Notes:: Went to the Birches for lunch; it’s so peaceful & beautiful here-a reminder of our tradition (spending the last weekend in Feb here). Mapping out our next snowmobile adventer and watching 5, 10, 15 deer!! We’re still debating about “what is that animal pelt on the wall?” Great riding-a bit icy. Our second year at Maine Escapes! We’re all very sore and enjoying just relaxing. Thanks!!
Purpose of our trip: Vaca!
The weather was: Sunny 20s F
What we did: Snowmobiling, driving adventures, snow-shoeing, eating, drinking, playing games, and watching the wildlife.

Guest from West Chester, PA
Stayed at Moose River Escape during May of 2004

Favorite moments: Spotting 7 moose! Swinging on the porch swing.
How we traveled: GMC Yukon
Places we would recommend: Kellys Landing is really good and the view is excellent!
Purpose of our trip: Family getaway vacation to check out the area.
The weather was: The mid to upper 60s F and mostly sunny. One overcast/rainy day.
What we did: Sightseeing, moose watching, eating, drinking, and relaxing in this wonderful cabin.

Guest from Titusville, FL
Stayed at Moose River Escape during July of 2004

Favorite moments: Lake ride in pontoon-saw loons & heard loons, saw peregrine falcons and moose! Hummingbirds, chickadees, brown creeper beavers!
How we traveled: Flew to Boston and drove to Rockwood
Notes:: Lovely place. Great accomodations. We’ll be back!
People we met: Tammy the caretaker, all others were great as was Tammy. Owner of Moose River Landing was helpful and had beautiful begonias.
Places we would recommend: Four Seasons Restaurant in Jackman-pies are outstanding. Pontoon rentals at Moose River Landing. Moose at “The Bog” & wildlife & beavers.
Purpose of our trip: Fun-Fun-Rest-Rest
The weather was: Cool at night and great during the day.
What we did: Rented pontoon boat and toured Moosehead Lake, fished (no fish), fly fishing Kennebec River (no fish), and watched for moose (saw big bull and one calf). Great! Birdwatched.

Guest from Portland, ME
Stayed at Moose River Escape during January of 2005

Favorite moments: As we sat in Jackman eating our lunch-we realized we left our truck running back at camp! The truck ran for at least 4 hours before we could get back to turn it off!
How we traveled: Drove 3 hours in the Tahoe trailering 2 sleds.
Notes:: The camp is very well maintained. We had all the comforts of home. We came into a warm camp and a blazing propane fire. We saw deer right out our windows at camp within 15 feet. Having two bathrooms really worked out great for 2 couples. The flannel sheets were very comforting after a long hard sled ride. The hot showers with excellent water pressure was great! We loved listening to Garth Brooks & Kenny Rogers while playing poker and rummy at the kitchen table. We used the grill to cook our Porterhouses and we ate like kings & queens! The benches & hooks in the front hall worked excellent for all our gear. We look forward to coming back. We had a great Maine Escape!
People we met: We met “Crashin Craven” and a pilot at The Birches who claims he drove Jr!
Places we would recommend: The Birches for beer, apps, and food. Keely’s Landing is a great welcome from the cold-good service-great food. Ma-Ma Bears in Jackman is my personal favorite!
Purpose of our trip: Snowmobiling, sightseeing, Craven Charity Run
The weather was: Started out at -10 deg F and partly sunny to 20 deg F and sunny.
What we did: We rode to The Birches on Wednesday. Night. On Thurday. We rode to Greenville, Kokadjo, to Kineo and then back to camp. Friday we went to Pittston Farms. Saturday we rode to Greenville and back to camp and then to Jackman and back!

Guest from South Portland, ME
Stayed at Moose River Escape during March of 2005

Favorite moments: Watching the deer walk around the camp, time with friends!
How we traveled: By car
People we met: Country store-wonderful friendly woman willing to make pies. Sled repair shop-very helpful with old sled in need of quick death.
Places we would recommend: “The Camp” great place to hang and sleep! Country store-yum yum highly recommend the pumpkin chocolate chip whoopie pie!
Purpose of our trip: Outdoor fun, quality time with friends.
The weather was: Beautiful, sunny skies, 30’s, perfect for outdoor fun.
What we did: Four snowmobiled Saturday-all had sore backs on Sunday. Three hit the ski slopes-only one lift open but almost had the mountain to ourselves. Snowshoeing, lots of eating, drinking, game playing and chatting.

Guest from Fort Lee, NJ
Stayed at Moose River Escape during July of 2005

Favorite moments: When we saw a moose, when we saw a lot of stars.
How we traveled: By car.
Notes:: I saw a lot of stars. I’ve never seen such beautiful night sky. I am very impressed. We visited Quebec City. Quebec City is my favorite city in the world. This cabin is very comfortable and our family is satisfied.
People we met: Neighbors
Places we would recommend: Mount Kineo
Purpose of our trip: To see moose, fishing and to relax
The weather was: Mostly sunny
What we did: Saw a moose, went fishing, visited Quebec City.

Guest from Township of Washington, NJ
Stayed at Moose River Escape during August of 2005

How we traveled: By car
Places we would recommend: The Birches, Indian store
Purpose of our trip: To have fun
The weather was: Rainy in the beginning but got better at the end

Guest from New York, NY
Stayed at Moose River Escape during December of 2005

Purpose of our trip: Visit the snow and cold weather
How we traveled: 2 airplanes and by car
The weather was: 2 major snowstorms in the 20’s all week…PERFECT!!
What we did: Snow- shoed, walks, sledding, snowman building–board games by the fire.
People we met: “Peachy” at The Birches
Places we would recommend: The Birches and The Black Frog
Favorite moments: Sledding- 3 moose! Lots of deer. Snow-Snow-Snow!!!

Guest from Cotuit, MA
Stayed at Moose River Escape during October of 2006

Purpose of our trip: Hunting, Vacation and Photography
How we traveled: Truck- 2002 Dodge Ram
The weather was: In the 30’s, a few flakes of snow and very windy
What we did: We hunted, we saw several deer around cabin and took many pictures of them. They definitely made our day. We also cooked and ate a lot so the well equpted kitchten was a blessing.
Places we would recommend: Of course we would recommend this cabin! We will definitely be recommeding your home and took plenty of pictures to support the bragging.
Favorite moments: At 10:30am we saw a doe and two fawns right outside the kitchen window, they hung around for about a 1/2 hour and came within three feet of the back door.
Notes:: The moment you walk in the door you feel at home, I would love to take the bed home with me. Thank you so much for sharing your little piece of heaven with others, if it weren’t for the 7 1/2 hour ride this would be the perfect place to have the family get together for thanksgiving! Every year we spend one week in maine and pick a different place to stay each time, You have won hands down!

Guest from Bayshore, NY
Stayed at Moose River Escape during December of 2006

Purpose of our trip: To just get away and relax. Maybe snowboard? Ski? Not sure. Lobster?!
How we traveled: by car- 7 hours! Woohoo!
The weather was: Cold and brisk, but nice! Seconds after writing that. Ok, it’s starting to ice storm (I’m scared).
What we did: Relaxed- Enjoyed the quietness, throat hurt a bit with this dry propane thing. Went to eat. Ate a lot of food!!
People we met: Just the locals. Same people as usual. No moose yet, dammit!
Places we would recommend: Auntie M’s, Black Frog, Shop at the Indian Trading Post- all in Greenville. 4 seasons Restaurant in Jackman.
Favorite moments: The site seeing drives. The beds are so comfortable, I love the comforter and sheets. Shopping in town, some cute stuff in Greenville.
Notes:: Once again it was a nice quiet, relaxing trip. 3rd time in these cabins, and we will be back again. Enjoyed our stay once again. I think next time we will do a whole week and some snowmobiling. Enjoyed it though. Thanks for the great stay!

Guest from Ashland, MA
Stayed at Moose River Escape during February of 2007

Purpose of our trip: Snowmobile, visiting with friends
How we traveled: By car
The weather was: 6- 28 degrees
What we did: Picked up snowmobiles in Greenville, drove back up through big squaw area. Played a lot of cards!
Places we would recommend: Northeast Outfitters
Favorite moments: Snowmobiling on 86. This must be a logging road!? Had a great time with great weather. Thanks!

Guest from Hermon, ME
Stayed at Moose River Escape during May of 2007

Purpose of our trip: To catch some fish, get some rest and relaxation, and drink a few beers.
How we traveled: Drove a pickup truck with a boat behind it
The weather was: Beautiful! In the 90’s on Friday, not a cloud in the sky- not your typical may weather!
What we did: Spent most of the time fishing in Moose River in the boat, fished Moosehead Lake a couple of times too but not luck. Caught too nice salmon in the river. Played lots of cards and listened to Bob Marley (the comedian)- lots of laughs!
Places we would recommend: Moose River Escape, we had a great time! Wonderful accommodations and beautiful scenery. The cabin had everything we could need and we would definitely recommend it to others.
Favorite moments: Catching the two salmon within minutes of each other and seeing two moose.

Guest from Chester, VA
Stayed at Moose River Escape during August of 2007

Purpose of our trip: Relax, explore maine (1st visit) and share family time.
How we traveled: by truck, about a 14 hour drive.
The weather was: Beautiful- temps varied between 65-85 degrees, rain one day.
What we did: Fished, Kayaked river and ponds, biked, explored area on foot and by car. Spent lots of time enjoying the quiet and beautiful scenery.
Favorite moments: Kayaking on Prong Pond was great fun. Enjoyed our entire time at cabin. Very Enjoyable place!
Notes:: This cabin is great, so homely and comfortable. I would definitely recommed it. We have had a wonderful time here and would love to come back again! The boys had a great time being outdoors and doing things they don’t normally get to do- such beautiful weather too!

Guest from Beckleym WV
Stayed at Moose River Escape during November of 2007

Purpose of our trip: 13th Anniversary and Moose Sightings
How we traveled: Car (07 Accord)
The weather was: 21-22 degrees and snow on the ground; on Tuesday we recorded 1-2″of snow; highs in the low 30’s.
What we did: Rested and relaxed; took drives looking for moose; shopping in local towns
People we met: Townspeople
Places we would recommend: Indian Hill Trading Post (just like wal-mart), Taking a drive on roads recommened for moose watching.
Favorite moments: Seeing 10 moose, the cabin was wonderful! Its hard to leave.