Guest from Benton, ME
Stayed at Kineo Escape during July of 2004

Favorite moments: When we climbed Mount Kineo, tried to go on golf carts, we saw 2 moose, fishing, kayaking, and tubing with boat.
How we traveled: Two Dodge Ram trucks and one Ford truck
Notes: We had an awesome time. This place is beautiful! We will be back next July! The beds are awesome!
Places we would recommend: Mount Kineo
Purpose of our trip: To get away and celebrate 4th of July.
The weather was: Sunny with a couple of showers, mid 70s.
What we did: Went boating, fishing, hung out at camp, and walked around the area a bit.

Guest from Medway, MA
Stayed at Kineo Escape during July of 2004

Favorite moments: Getting up on water skis for the first time. Getting stuck on Moosehead Lake when we couldn’t restart the motor on our boat. We got towed in by nice Mainers. Seeing Moose!
How we traveled: Arrived by car
Notes: We had a great time. Beds were wonderful!
People we met: The rest of our family including some from Norway.
Places we would recommend: The Black Frog, Mountain Motor Sports Rentals, the B-52 Bomber crash site, and hike Mount Kineo.
Purpose of our trip: Family vacation. This was our yearly one week vacation together.
The weather was: 70-80s first 3 days and 60s and rainy the rest of the week.
What we did: Spent time at Aunt’s house, went tubing, water skingin, canoeing, and swimming. We hiked, biked, rented ATVs and went moose watching. We went to a jazz concert. Some of us tubed down the river while the others hunted for driftwood. We visited Pebble Beach.

Guest from Norfolk, VA
Stayed at Kineo Escape during July of 2004

Favorite moments: Boating and enjoying the wonderful weather and environment.
How we traveled: Flew into Bangor and drove up.
Notes: Wish we had more time to relax in the cabin. We would love to come back! We wish we had seen a moose.
Places we would recommend: Indian Hill Trading Post
Purpose of our trip: Family Getaway
The weather was: Great-70s to 80s during day and 50s to 60s at night.
What we did: Boating on Moosehead Lake to Mount Kineo and surrounding area. It was a beautiful day! Drove to Moxie Falls and did some light hiking. Watched Mouse Hunt and played cards.

Guest from Belchertown, MA
Stayed at Kineo Escape during August of 2004

Favorite moments: Cabin is comfortable & filed with wonderful “extras”. Beds are great. Hiking Kineo, moose sightings, leisurely days on the lake.
How we traveled: 6.5 hours in car (worth the drive!) from MA.
People we met: Mike at the Birches, Tammy, chatted with many other “flatlanders”
Places we would recommend: Black Frog-creative menu and good service, Flatlanders-terrific chicken and chowder, and The Birches-for cocktails on the deck.
Purpose of our trip: Summer Vacation.
The weather was: Warm and sunny then cooler with occassional showers.
What we did: Kayaked, canoed, hiked Kineo (Indian trail is quite strenuous but worth the climb for the view from the fire tower), relaxed!, evening Moose adventure from The Birches-saw 5 moose, hiked area trails-saw moose and deer on the road to The Birches-great photos!

Guest from Haywards Heath, West Sussex
Stayed at Kineo Escape during August of 2004

Favorite moments: Buster the beaver.
How we traveled: Aeroplane (London to Boston) and car
Notes: It is great fun here! I like it because it is made out of wood.
People we met: Buster the beaver and Merlin the moose at pond north of the Birches. Pizza man at Rockwood Village (good pizza but don’t dress up).
Places we would recommend: See moose. Kinoe Escape-great accommodation.
Purpose of our trip: Summer holiday.
The weather was: Mostly warm and sunny. Only one day of rain.
What we did: Lily Bay State Park for swimming, rented boat at the Birches, fished from deck on river (no luck), climbed Mount Kineo including the fire tower, climbed Big Moose Mountain, Moose Safari at the Birches, and sat several evenings at the pond north of the Birches.

Guest from Church Fairfax, VA
Stayed at Kineo Escape during August of 2004

Favorite moments: Beautiful memorial on friend’s family’s camp. Top of Little Kineo-beautiful view! Many fires in the fireplace.
How we traveled: Drove, drove, drove and drove.
Notes: Some nice touches are: flannel sheets upstairs, plenty of beds for restless sleepers, games and movies provided, comfortable beds, jug of water provided, mudroom entry, fantasic fireplace, fishing off the dock, very clean, and a helpful caretaker.
People we met: All of our friend’s family and friends. He was well loved!
Places we would recommend: Library and the Birches.
Purpose of our trip: Friend’s memorial-he lived in Greenville and daughter’s 10th birthday.
The weather was: Warm mostly and some rain.
What we did: Fishing (caught 7 fish total), went to the Birches, swam in the lake, hiked Little Kineo and saw a snake on the top.

Guest from Barre, MA
Stayed at Kineo Escape during September of 2004

Favorite moments: The unexpected moose sighting on the logging roads!
How we traveled: 1 Toyota Camry, 1 GMC Van, and 1 Chevy Silverado Pickup
Notes: Extremely comfortable, very well equipped. We hope to come back!
People we met: Encountered a lot of friendly locals. Boat driver/guide on moose tour is a great guy!
Purpose of our trip: Rest and relaxation.
The weather was: Cool but comfortable; low 70’s F, mostly sunny and no rain.
What we did: Went looking for moose and found 4! Wiffle ball game in the yard to loosen up the joints-Moose Safari-SPECTACULAR-traveled some fire roads-kayaking from the dock-explored Greenville and the B52 bomber site.

Guest from Denmark, ME
Stayed at Kineo Escape during February of 2005

Favorite moments: Watching the deer.
How we traveled: Snowmobile
Notes: Thank you so much for sharing your home with us. Everything was great. Probably the best place we’ve ever stayed.
Places we would recommend: Auntie M’s-Greenville Enchanted Outfitters-West Forks Piston Grant-Piston Farms
Purpose of our trip: Snowmobile vacation
The weather was: Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday – snowing, Thurs. clear and cold, Friday & Sat. sunny cold.
What we did: Tuesday 123 miles to Forks and back. Wed. 87 miles to NE Carry & Piston Farms for lunch. Thurs 204 miles Millinocket and back. Friday shopping in Greenville for the day. Sat. 73 miles loop trail.

Guest from Pelham, NH
Stayed at Kineo Escape during February of 2005

Favorite moments: Watching deer and making jokes
How we traveled: Snowmobile
People we met: Caretaker, the owner of Kokajdo
Purpose of our trip: Snowmobiling
The weather was: 20 to 30 degrees F and windy
What we did: Snowmobiled around all of Maine. Watched movies, played games, listened to music, cooked food, and slept.

Guest from Flemington, NJ
Stayed at Kineo Escape during July of 2005

Favorite moments: Moose sightings. We saw 4 in total-sooo big! Children jumping in lake from rope. Star watching at night.
How we traveled: A very long car ride from NJ.
People we met: Tammy-very helpful. Brad, Fred, and Max.
Places we would recommend: Black Frog-great for dogs/children. Good food.
Entertainment: Any meal time at the Birches! (Worth the wait though.)
Purpose of our trip: Holiday/vacation, relaxation, fun, spending time with friends.
The weather was: A good week, sun mostly with one evening of rain.
What we did: Lazy relaxing day by lake, kayaking, shopping. Drove to Quebec. July 4th Parade at Greenville. Visited Indian Hill Trading Post. Hired pontoon for 2 days-strongly recommend Moose River Landing for rental. Go to Cove opposite long drop wall.
Notes: A very nice comfortable cabin. Great beds and well equipped. It was well worth the very long trip to get here.

Guest from Dracut, MA
Stayed at Kineo Escape during July of 2005

Favorite moments: Fishing (we caught a 10 lbs bass), swimming with our dogs. Jet skiing.
How we traveled: A long car ride. It was fun though we loved all the sites and our first time seeing a Moose Crossing sign.
Notes: The nice marshmallow, cushy pillows and cozy beds. We never been somewhere so nice. This place was Great. We told scary stories, relaxed and had remember whens. The cabin was so clean, we couldn’t believe it! We loved all the mountain sites and scenes.
People we met: Our wonderful neighbors. The moose and deer.
Places we would recommend: Sorry we hung around the cabin and had too much fun to go out.
Purpose of our trip: To get away and relax.
The weather was: Beautiful all vacation.
What we did: Swimming, fishing, wilderness searching, had camp fire and made smores, watched for moose for hours. Grilled tons and tons of food, laughed and told stories, played the games that the cabin came with. (Twister brought back memories.) Relaxed.

Guest from Greenland, NH
Stayed at Kineo Escape during November of 2007

Purpose of our trip: Romantic Getaway
How we traveled: Hyundai wagon
The weather was: cold 20 degrees F at night and 35 degrees F during the day. Great for a fire at night and a full moon (or pretty close) each night.
What we did: Drove to Greenville to eat at the Stress Free Moose. Made dinner at the cabin, relaxed, read, and watched the Patriots. Enjoyed a fire every night. Hiked around Mount Shaw. Went deer and moose looking.
People we met: Many people… a store owner, a cashier, and many local drivers. Everyone was so friendly & helpful (kept asking if we needed help getting up snowy roads!)
Places we would recommend: The Trading Post was full of everything you could need. Hiking was great! In the winter leave plenty of driving time to get to Mount Kineo!
Favorite moments: Falling asleep with my feet by the fire. Seeing two moose finally! We also saw 5 deer in the yard.
Notes: We never met Marcel the mouse, but we hope to return sometime in the summer months. The cabin is such a warm and comfortable retreat. After reading everyone’s entries it seems like a wonderful place to make memories & friends.

Guest from Lawrence, MA
Stayed at Kineo Escape during February of 2008

Purpose of our trip: Snowmobiling, drinking and Wii
How we traveled: slowly by car with cranky drivers and chatty women
The weather was: perfect 30 degrees F by day and 20 degrees F by night a few flurries
What we did: Snowmobile 340 miles in 3 days.
Places we would recommend: Black Frog Restaurant, ITS 86, ITS 88, ITS 85, and Rt. 66
Favorite moments: Deer crossing in front of us on the trail and Wii tournaments
Notes: The weather was great. The trails were awesome, perfect. It doesn’t get any better. See you all next year.

Guest from Winslow, ME
Stayed at Kineo Escape during June of 2008

Purpose of our trip: Bi-annual vacation together
How we traveled: By car
The weather was: 60 to 80 degrees F during the day
What we did: Fishing, camp fires at night, hiking, walks around the area
People we met: No one new – just a few admirers of our ’58 Penn Yan boat
Places we would recommend: Black Frog and Rod & Reel Café in Greenville
Favorite moments: B-52 crash site, firetower at summit of Mount Kineo, the four year old made it up the Indian Trail all by herself.
Notes: The cabin is phenomenal! We would definitely love to visit here again. Lots of wildlife seen: foxes, rabbits, deer, moose, and even a black bear on the way back from Greenville. Fishing was great. We caught 11 fish within the first 2 days here. Took a picnic lunch to Duck Cove for some swimming and gathering fossil rocks. WE would like to see an escalator instead of the stairs to the water.