Purpose of our trip: To catch some fish, get some rest and relaxation, and drink a few beers.
How we traveled: Drove a pickup truck with a boat behind it
The weather was: Beautiful! In the 90’s on Friday, not a cloud in the sky- not your typical may weather!
What we did: Spent most of the time fishing in Moose River in the boat, fished Moosehead Lake a couple of times too but not luck. Caught too nice salmon in the river. Played lots of cards and listened to Bob Marley (the comedian)- lots of laughs!
Places we would recommend: Moose River Escape, we had a great time! Wonderful accommodations and beautiful scenery. The cabin had everything we could need and we would definitely recommend it to others.
Favorite moments: Catching the two salmon within minutes of each other and seeing two moose.