Favorite moments: Buster the beaver.
How we traveled: Aeroplane (London to Boston) and car
Notes: It is great fun here! I like it because it is made out of wood.
People we met: Buster the beaver and Merlin the moose at pond north of the Birches. Pizza man at Rockwood Village (good pizza but don’t dress up).
Places we would recommend: See moose. Kinoe Escape-great accommodation.
Purpose of our trip: Summer holiday.
The weather was: Mostly warm and sunny. Only one day of rain.
What we did: Lily Bay State Park for swimming, rented boat at the Birches, fished from deck on river (no luck), climbed Mount Kineo including the fire tower, climbed Big Moose Mountain, Moose Safari at the Birches, and sat several evenings at the pond north of the Birches.