Purpose of our trip: Romantic Getaway
How we traveled: Hyundai wagon
The weather was: cold 20 degrees F at night and 35 degrees F during the day. Great for a fire at night and a full moon (or pretty close) each night.
What we did: Drove to Greenville to eat at the Stress Free Moose. Made dinner at the cabin, relaxed, read, and watched the Patriots. Enjoyed a fire every night. Hiked around Mount Shaw. Went deer and moose looking.
People we met: Many people… a store owner, a cashier, and many local drivers. Everyone was so friendly & helpful (kept asking if we needed help getting up snowy roads!)
Places we would recommend: The Trading Post was full of everything you could need. Hiking was great! In the winter leave plenty of driving time to get to Mount Kineo!
Favorite moments: Falling asleep with my feet by the fire. Seeing two moose finally! We also saw 5 deer in the yard.
Notes: We never met Marcel the mouse, but we hope to return sometime in the summer months. The cabin is such a warm and comfortable retreat. After reading everyone’s entries it seems like a wonderful place to make memories & friends.