Purpose of our trip: Vacation – to see Maine, to get away, to have fun, to have it all!
How we traveled: By van
The weather was: Nice and quiet, cool fall Maine weather.
What we did: Viktor, Olga, and Victor went hiking, tried fishing. All of us enjoyed sitting on the porch near chimney; looking out to lake. We all ate, slept, ate, slept; slept some more, then ate and slept, and just enjoyed being up here.
People we met: A neighbor who is building now his getaway. Very nice person. We talked about how his relatives owned this land before, all around the lake, who lives here…
Places we would recommend: We enjoyed cooking outside and in the cabin, we’ve had enough city life and wanted to enjoy “Life in the cabin on the lake!”
Favorite moments: The peace and serenity of being here. We are looking forward to coming back here during summer (August?) next year, and the year after, and then again. And again. Thank you for the “magic!”