Rental Terms

To ensure that you enjoy your stay at the Maine Escapes cabin free from unexpected surprises or misunderstandings, please read the terms and conditions outlined below. It is important that you understand and agree to comply with our rental terms and conditions prior to making reservations. Upon reading the terms and conditions, please contact us to answer any additional questions and to make reservations.

Your lease for the Maine Escapes cabin is subject to the following terms and conditions:

  1. The renter/lessee will supply a valid credit card number to be used as a security deposit.
  2. The renter/lessee will be charged for missing items which are not found after your stay.
  3. The renter/lessee understands that s/he is expected to leave the property in a clean and sanitary condition. This includes disposing all trash in the proper receptacles, returning items (e.g., furnishings, kitchenware) to their place or origin, and keeping the outside premises clean and free of trash. In the event that the property is left in a deteriorated condition such that additional cleaning or extraordinary trash removal is required, the renter/lessee understands that an additional cleaning fee will be charged.
  4. Renter/lessee understands that the lessor has the right to charge for any damages to the property in excess of normal and reasonable wear and tear. Charges will be assessed to return the property to its original condition, and will include the cost of repairing damaged items and/or replacing missing items.
  5. Please note that the appliances are inspected by trained professionals. Please do not tamper with settings on the fixtures or appliances. A service fee will be charged if any units or appliances have to be re-set or repaired.
  6. Dogs, well-behaved, are allowed, there will be a surcharge. However, the renter/lessee understands that s/he will be charged for any damages (e.g., stains, chewing) to the property made by the pets. Dogs may not be left in the cabin unattended and should be on a leash or under close supervision when outside the cabin to keep the pet on the cabin property only. The renter is required to clean up outside waste after the pets.
  7. No smoking is allowed inside the cabins; however, smoking is allowed in the porch area and use waste receptacle for cigarette and cigar butts. This condition is in affect for safety reasons, and also to ensure that future guests can enjoy a pleasant and smoke-free environment. The renter/lessee understands that if the house smells like tobacco smoke, s/he will be charged a fee to deodorize the premises.
  8. Check-in time is between 2 PM and 8 PM. No check-in is available prior to 2 PM and special arrangement must be made for check-ins after 8 PM.
  9. Check-out is at 10 AM. It is not possible to accommodate late check-outs as we need to prepare the cabin for the next group checking in later that afternoon. Any late check-outs will be assessed a late-fee. Please also make arrangements to return the keys with the caretaker or lesser the day prior to your departure.
  10. The rental fee includes all charges for electricity, propane gas, water and local telephone charges.
  11. The rental unit may be used for residential occupancy only. The rental unit may not be used as a place of business or as a domicile for illegal activities.
  12. The renter/lessee’s reservation denotes the number of occupants allowed in the rental unit, and the rental fee has been figured accordingly. If there are more people lodging in the rental unit than the number denoted in the reservation, the lessor has the right to assess an additional fee per person per night, or deem the rental agreement null and void altogether and all monies paid by the renter will be forfeited.
  13. No subletting of the rental unit is allowed without the express written consent of the lessor.
  14. Quiet hours commence at 10 PM and should be respected. Large or loud parties are not allowed on the property. Please remember that we will continue to have neighbors after your departure.
  15. No electrical hook-ups (e.g., generators, trailers, campers) are allowed.
  16. Take care using the septic system and only flush toilet paper down the toilets. All other products should be disposed in the trash.
  17. Trash receptacles are provided in the kitchen and bathrooms and all discarded materials should be properly disposed of. Trash will be picked up on Thursdays and Sundays.
  18. Gas grills and a picnic table are provided for outside grilling. Please be sure to turn off the gas grill and leave it clean. If the gas grill requires extensive cleaning after your departure, you will be charged a fee.
  19. Charcoal fires and campfires are not permitted in order to reduce concerns over personal safety and wildfires.
  20. If you bring your own boats, snowmobiles, mountain bikes or other recreational vehicles to the property, Maine Escapes is not liable for injury, damages or theft. The lessor is not responsible for any boats or personal belongings left by the renter/lessee at the site.
  21. Please respect the privacy of the neighbors and do not operate snowmobiles or other recreational vehicles on their property.  Refer to the maps provided in the cabin and use only marked trails.  PLEASE DO NOT TRESPASS OR SPEED!
  22. The renter/lessee must report any unsafe or dangerous conditions immediately to the Maine Escapes, 207-470-7197.
  23. The renter/lessee’s children should be supervised at all times. The renter/lessee agrees to indemnify and hold harmless  the lesser, i.e., Maine Escapes, for any and all loss of or damage to your personal property, and injury or death resulting from the use of the rental property and grounds, and floats and access areas.
  24. Any violation of the general guidelines stated above without the signed acknowledgement of the lesser, (i.e., Maine Escapes) will be grounds for eviction without refund.
  25. The terms and conditions of the property will be stated in the lease. The lease-contract that the renter/lessee sign contains the entire understanding between lessee and lesser and no other representation or inducement, verbal or written, has been made that is not included in the rental agreement that you will be sent.


Printed Name of renter/lessee: _________________________________________

Signature of renter/lessee _____________________________________________ agrees to abide by above terms.

Date: _____________________________